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Yes, you read that correctly. You can now get a half-gallon of some of your favorite L&F cocktails. Sealed in this specially designed beverage bag, easy to throw in a cooler for your next BBQ, or make a splash at your next bougie pool party. Made out of recyclable plastic, it's perfect for any occasion where glass or cans aren't permitted. Or frankly any time you want a lot of a good drink, at a more than fair price.

Approximately 10-12 servings per bag. 

Golden Hour ($65): pineapple rum, overproof rum, passionfruit, basil

  • rum sweet, boozy, tropical, fresh

Margarita ($59): tequila, lime, orange, sugar

  • Classic Marg, the L&F way

Which One? ($59): vodka, mint, hibiscus, cappelletti, lemon

  • Refreshing, jammy

      3 Under ($59): bourbon, peach, black tea, cynar, lemon

      • Refreshing, slightly fruity, herbal, tea

      Betelgeuse ($59): gin, dill, beets, dijon, honey, lemon

      • Our flagship drink. Savory, aromatic, slightly sweet, complex finish